About US

Our Philosophy

Kalpavruksha Academy is the fruit born from the seeds of early education ideas of the founders. A simple yet effective process of bringing a blend of a well-rounded curriculum and an overall holistic development of children together in the most interesting and fun filled manner crucial to their formative years.

The first five years of childhood being the vital foundation for their cognitive, mental, emotional, intellectual, aesthetics and motor skills development; shapes them into their individual mould.

Our story

The thirst to find a good blend of education and values in a preschool medium that stands the test of time led to this. Being a passionate and caring teacher and with her enriching and immense experience of having been a playschool coordinator, Mrs. Divya found a compassionate and caring partner in Mrs. Mangai for whom childcare is her forte and together they decided to sow the seeds and water them. Thus “Kalpavruksha” was born!

Our Mission

To become both a well-known brand in the preschool arena by providing an enriching and fun based platform for toddlers and children as well as to foster and nurture an ever-lasting passion for learning in children backed by essential human values, practical methods, virtues cemented by moral ethics and in turn prep them for formal school and make them ready for life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lay the right foundation for children between 2-5 years of age that enables them to discover their skills, raise good tolerance, sharpen their creativity, kindle their curiosity, fuel their observational skills and unleash underlying talents since a ‘preschool’ is the foundation brick of a child’s journey towards education and self-development.

Our Founders

Mrs. A. Divya Rajkumar


Mrs. Divya is a passionate teacher who has donned several hats in various fields including education. Her immense experience as a teacher and coordinator along with her prowess in early childhood education is both dynamic and progressive whilst in touch with values. She feels each child is unique and has to be cared for and nurtured to unleash the butterfly from the cocoon. She is committed to unboxing a child’s true potential through aesthetic stimulus, practical learning and imbibing values and ethics. In this manner, she aims to guide children in an effective manner in order to mould them into fine individuals. She has spent a large part of her career analysing, evolving and applying the curriculum with determination and focus to cater to the individual needs of every child.

Mrs. Mangaiyarthilagam Prabhakar

Managing Partner

Mrs. Mangai strongly believes in nurturing meaningful values and upholding traditional ethics and values in children that apply to the current social fabric. This harmoniously combined with practical and fun filled early child education system creates a fine and committed learning space for today’s children. She believes that a school is a child’s second home and that profound understanding of the dynamics and diverse aspects of early childhood education and care forms the basis of the school. Her enterprising ideas, perseverance and steadfast belief in this concept has helped kickstart the institution along with her immense business acumen, vast work experience in various fields and her natural skill in childcare.


We welcome children from 1.5 years through 6 years of age.

The idea of an age-appropriate preschool is to aid education as deemed fit for your child’s individual growth and hence we recommend going one stage after the other than a direct jump into kindergarten.

We have staff who have been with us from inception. However, we are also pleased to have a good mix of both mature and younger staff. We believe a school is only as good as its teachers, and we are fortunate to attract many exceptional applicants who are eager to become a part of Kalpavruksha.

Our school employs a professional staff that does a thorough cleaning of the school at the end of each school day. The teachers themselves are diligent about sanitizing all surfaces when necessary, including after eating. All toys, playground items and materials are regularly cleaned and replaced as needed.